Zibi Photography - UK Wedding Photographer Salisbury Wiltshire

Hi – I’m Zibi, a passionate wedding photographer who loves nothing more than capturing the magic of each wedding and exploring the world along the way.  I love going on adventures and trying new things with my favourite partner in crime, building on our own love story as we go. So far we’ve travelled all over Europe and North America, lived in a few different countries, adopted our beloved guinea pigs and met so many amazing people.

I was lucky enough to marry my wonderful wife, Ola, the absolute love of my life and my biggest fan. So I know just how important and treasured your wedding day will be to you both.  Each wedding I get to be part of is a privilege.  I can’t think of anything better than to be surrounded by love and capturing it creatively so I can bring beautiful moments back to life.  I truly love my job.

I love to be creative in my approach to wedding photography and create something unique for each couple, but above all, I love to photograph the emotions.  There is no doubt, you will look stunning on your wedding day, your venue will be gorgeous, but it’s the feel, not the look that will transport you back to the moments.  My own wedding overflowed with emotion.  Nerves, laughter, joy, happy tears, they were all there. I will never forget how I felt in that first moment I saw Ola or how she took my breath away because I get to relive it each time I look through our wedding album.  That is what I want to give you and all my couples through creating epic, yet timeless wedding photographs as personal to you as ours are for Ola and me.

I know for many people, the idea of being photographed all day can be quite intimidating.  But I can promise you; I will be there to put you at ease, make you laugh so you can put your worries aside and enjoy your big day.   And when I’m not making you laugh, you will be surprised at just how stealthy I can be as I capture those fleeting moments and make them last.

I would love the opportunity to share my skills and experience to provide you with a very personal collection of stunning photographs for you to treasure forever.

Now enough about me. Get it touch so that you can tell me more about you and your own fantastic wedding plans!



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